Congregational Results


Subject: Newsletter Evangelism - Destin, Florida


Some numbers for you to digest.
Approx. 250 homes in the distribution
Approx. 65 with no contact, still active pursuit
One-on-one studies 14 individual studies
Studies not yet scheduled 7
Visitors at worship 5
Visits promised 12

We feel the program is already a success for a number of reasons and feel the results will be even more positive as time goes by.

Bob and Pat Coonfield

Subject: Campaign Stats - Niceville, Florida

Knocked 180
Found Home 79
Studies Set 9
Studies Conducted 4
Call Backs 11
Referrals 1
Responses 5 baptisms

What does this mean? It means that this method has meet and exceeded our expectations. The reaction to the newsletter has been overwhelmingly positive. It builds a very positive image in the community. We have several very interested prospects. I wish I could tell you all the stories.

Joe Palmer
Niceville Church of Christ
801 E John Sims Parkway
Niceville, FL 32578
Phone: 850 678 2911
Fax: 850 6785507

Subject: Neighborhood Outreach - Hope, Arkansas


Good news from Hope, AR. We have been doing this for 13 weeks. Yesterday we knocked on our 3rd set of doors. So far we have had 3 visitors from the community, 16 people request correspondence courses, and 10 people show interest in personal Bible studies. These results come from passing out the materials 7 weeks and door-knocking on the 8th week. So far we have knocked on approximately 215 doors.

This has been a very "empowering" activity. Everyone who has been involved has expressed the ease of the work and have been encouraged by the success of it all. This will serve to help recruit even more people to the work. Thanks for sharing the idea with us!


Jason Sparks

Subject: Door knocking

Hi Glenn,

I am sixty one years old and have been in full time ministry since 1975. During those years of ministry, I was privileged to work with a congregation in Maryland and over an eighteen month span we were blessed to see fifty-our people baptized into Christ. Only one of those was not an adult. As I reflect back at that time, I know I was preaching evangelistically and doing a great deal of one-on-one Bible studies. But, those Bible studies were all around us! Andrews Air Force base was near us and we had people going and coming all the time. Opportunities abounded! Most of the studies came from contacts made with people who visited our services who were not Christians. I recalled we tried door knocking during that time and knocked one thousand doors, set up one Bible study and baptized that lady (Tonya). It was then that I grew COLD on door knocking.

I have never been (at least in my estimation) in a place like that again in this country. Yet, in the last few months, I have (once again) had the feeling that prospects are ALL AROUND ME—and, it has come through Newsletter Evangelism. In the last two Sunday afternoons, for about two hours each Sunday, God has blessed us with the setting up of seven Bible studies. We are being met with good response at most doors.

One more testimonial, if I may. Door knocking is not easy for me. A brother and I go together and we pray each time that God will lead us to those seeking the Lord. When we get out there, we are OVERWHELMED at the way doors open. God is still opening doors, but we must knock them.

Don Myers