Updated & Improved Newsletter Evangelism

This new approach incorporates a smoother, simpler and more effective approach to my Newsletter Evangelism program. The basic, primary goal is to get friends, neighbors and even strangers to read and have a salvation dialog with you after reading Michael Shank's Muscle and A Shovel book, which has been documented to have resulted in the baptism of tens of thousands of folks!
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It's Easy With Newsletter Evangelism

"Sometimes before we can plant the seed of the gospel, we have to prepare the soil.  The newsletter evangelism approach is a good way of doing just that.  It is one way to meet people, create relationships, and build good will.  The newsletters will not convert people, but they may open the door for evangelism.  Don't knock it if you have not tried it."

Flavil Yeakley, Ph.D., Director
Harding Center for Church Growth Studies
Harding University
Searcy, Arkansas
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  • Reaching those who are receptive.
  • "Neighborly News" available in English and Spanish An excellent tool for evangelism.
  • Locate a church of Christ near you.

Church Growth

Winning lost souls for Christ is exciting. 

Newsletter Evangelism is going to revolutionize how we, as a brotherhood, look at and do personal evangelism. With this technique, any and every congregation that uses it can go throughout their neighborhoods, knock doors, have an extremely pleasant experience at those doors and find out who are the best prospects for sharing the gospel.
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Newsletter Samples

An easy way to share the Word of God with friends. 

"Neighborly News" is the name of our newsletter, and it can be customized with map and contact information for any congregation of the churches of Christ. Our Newsletters cover a number of topics related to every day living. These sample newsletters will give you an idea of the potential they have in reaching people with the gospel of Christ.
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Positive Results

"Stay strong in the Lord and in the power of His might." 

It's exciting to hear from Christians around the country and the world who are experiencing success in their local outreach using our customized newsletters. The use of "Neighborly News" has empowered a number of Christians who have little to no experience in the realm of evangelism. It's a joy to hear about the evangelistic success of fruitful Christians. 
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We Are Passionate About Evangelism

The comments that we receive from churches of Christ around the country and the world have been overwhelmingly positive.

"Neighborly News" serves to build a positive image of the Lord's church in cities across the country.

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“The newsletter evangelism system is a non-intimidating tool proven to be helpful for all Christians who desire to share the gospel of Christ with their family and friends.”

Silbano Garcia II, Founder of Internet Ministries (www.church-of-christ.org)

Newsletter Evangelism

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